Taken from “Barbaresco MGA, the Barbaresco Great Vineyards Encyclopedia” Alessandro Masnaghetti Editore – Enogea – All rights reserved

The Asili cru is located in the village of Barbaresco, on land registry map sheets 5 and 6. The denomination corresponds with the district of the same name. Its size is average, with elevations varying between 210 and 290m a.s.l. Spreading out around the hill of the same name, the aspects of the vineyards on the cru range from south to west, right round to north, so they are more or less suited to vine growing. Nebbiolo is the most widely-planted variety, followed by Barbera and Dolcetto.

A prime site for the growing of Nebbiolo is the area facing south and south-west (alongside and above the Martinenga cru), and of particular interest (less warm, but more sheltered) is the large hollow linking it with the Faset cru.

Ca’ del Baio has 2.3 hectares of estate vineyards on the Asili cru facing south-west. The grapes from these vineyards produce two wines: Barbaresco Docg Asili and Barbaresco Docg Riserva Asili.