Taken from “Barbaresco MGA, the Barbaresco Great Vineyards Encyclopedia” Alessandro Masnaghetti Editore – Enogea – www.enogea.it. All rights reserved

Pora is a CRU still located in Barbaresco municipality, specifically in map sheet No. 6. It coincides as a denomination with the farmstead of the same name and has a medium-large extension, with an altitude ranging between 170 and 270 metres above sea level.

It is one of the largest and most vocated denominations for the cultivation of Nebbiolo, of which, however, we possess only 0.3 hectares.

The most garagist Barbaresco in our collection – 800 bottles per year – saw the light in 2004, a splendid vintage with excellent parameters that allowed us to select the grapes from this magnificent vineyard and vinify them separately.