Barbera d’Alba Paolina

This wine comes from the assemblage of different vineyards, creating a fresh that exhibits strong, but soft Barbera characteristics.

Denomination: Barbera d’Alba DOC
Growing location: various vineyards in the village of Treiso
Grape-variety: 100% Barbera
Planting of vineyards: 1960
Type of soil: calcareous of medium consistency with sandy components
Position: facing south-east, south-west, west
Harvest: early October

Tasting properties

colour deep ruby red with purplish highlights; nose vinous and intensely fruity, with nice hints of red currants and raspberries; taste fresh and vibrant on the mouth, showing a long, rich, smooth flavour.


excellent with the more flavoursome Piedmontese dishes, from mixed boiled meats to the anchovy and garlic-based “bagna caoda”; generally a great match too for cooked and raw cold cuts, stewed meats, and medium-mature fatty cheeses.
Serving temperature: 17°C


ready to enjoy a little over 1 year following the harvest, it keeps nicely for 5-8 years, and even longer in the better vintages. Cellaring recommended with the bottle lying down in the dark at a constant temperature.